Mesotherapy also known as ‘bio rejuvenation’ was first developed by French doctor, Michel Pistor back in 1952 and it has become increasingly popular ever since! The non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, acne. The procedure can also help to reduce the appearance of cellulite which is one of the main reasons why this has become an increasingly popular treatment for other areas of the body not just the face. More commonly, it is a popular skincare treatment to give your skin a boost of vitamins, minerals, hormones, plant extracts and more through a proactive serum.

It works by increasing the blood flow to specific areas of the skin which in turn, stimulates the reproduction of collagen. Collagen production starts to reduce when we reach the age of around 25 and will continue to do so with age. This is why many people use this as an anti-ageing treatment as it tightens up lose skin, helps to recontour and lighten the skin as well as help with winkles and lines.

Not only is it a common anti-ageing treatment but it will improve the overall appearance and glowing skin.

What methods can be used when having Mesotherapy?

Most commonly, the serums are fed into the skin via injections using a small needle; which aim to immediately replenish and rejuvenate the skin giving you that ultimate boost and glow. Numbing cream is used to ensure that there is as little discomfort as possible. The serums can be injected at different depths ranging from 1-4mm which will all depend on what your main focus and aims of treatment are.

Recently the Fusion Meso Pen has been developed aiming to improve the delivery of Mesotherapy. It has been said to offer the most safe, efficient and easy process for the treatment and also to provide long-lasting results. The Fusion Meso Xpert Pro is another beauty device which means that people can still have Mesotherapy treatments without the use of needles and instead, the use of LED. The use of LED allows the serum to directly reach the heart of the skin cells and activating natural biological functions in the skin whilst also allowing for a painless procedure. Different LED colours can be used dependent on the main aim of your treatment. For example, green is used for pigmentation issues like dark circles, irritation and redness whereas, red is used for ageing focus like collagen, skin breakdown, wrinkles and damaged skin.

If you do not want to undergo a treatment, you can find Meso Skincare containing essential oils, Hyaluronic Acid as well as other vital vitamins and minerals. Skincare products are also used throughout the treatment process and recommended for after each session.