If you have been working more than usual lately, or you have made a New Year’s resolution to get back in the gym and get in shape, you might be feeling sore, tired or achy. Some of us feel like this all of the time and we don’t understand why. If you are more tired than usual or you have random aches and pains that don’t ever seem to let up, you might be in need of professional massage therapy.

Whether you get a Swedish or a Thai massage, massage therapy can relieve many of the aches and pains associated with overworking our bodies, leaving us feeling less and less relaxed when we get home.

There are many benefits to massage therapy, including some that you might not have even thought of. Massage therapy can relieve sore muscles, reenergise us and help keep us healthy during cold and flu season. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that Swedish and Thai massage therapy provide.

5 Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Professional massage therapy from Glow West provides a wide range of benefits including:

Relax Your Body– if you work a lot, or you spend a lot of time working out at the gym, your body can become tired, stressed and sore. Massage therapy can relax your body and your muscles, reduce your stress and anxiety levels as well as improving your ability to lose weight. Professional massage therapy is also effective at reducing the frequency of chronic headaches and digestive problems.

Strengthen Your Body’s Immune System– massage therapy, especially Thai massage can help strengthen your body’s immune system keeping you healthy and strong and reducing your risk of infection.
Help Lower Blood Pressure- regular massage therapy can reduce your blood pressure, while preventing heart disease and stroke.

Help Improve CirculationSwedish massage therapy can improve your body’s circulation and promote faster healing by ensuring that a rich supply of blood is fed to your muscles and organs.

Improve Your Posture– one of the leading causes of chronic back pain is poor posture and regular massage therapy can help relieve a lot of the pain you feel in your back and neck. Once the pain is relieved, you will notice that your body will begin to become aligned and your posture will improve.

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