Advanced Electrolysis Procedures

Many skin conditions can lead to embarrassment or a lack of confidence. However, with the advances in aesthetic treatments, there are now real solutions and long-lasting remedies for many of these conditions. Take advantage of our free consultation to discuss your concerns and to understand possible treatments and products that will work for you.

I have extensive experience in practicing electrolysis and many qualifications in advanced electrolysis techniques and procedures – so you can trust that Glow West is truly a safe haven for all sorts of skin concerns, including milia spots, skin tags and broken capillaries.

A consultation is needed charged at £20 which is refundable if you go ahead with treatment.
Conditions treated include:
Milia Treatment
Milia spots, also known as ‘milk spots’, are small white keratin-filled cysts that form under the skin. There are many factors behind the cause of milia spots but they can also develop naturally. Although very common, these white bumps can cause embarrassment as they’re hard to remove at home. You’ve probably wondered how to get rid of milia, trying to squeeze the whitehead-esque spots to no avail, but this can actually make milia worse and damage your skin further. Fortunately help is on hand – using electrolysis, I can relieve you from those annoying white marks and give you instant, noticeable results.
Thread Veins & Spider Naevus
Many people suffer from broken veins – these are tiny blood vessels that run close to the skin and have become enlarged, causing them to be red and visible. Anyone can get these at any age. I specialise in removing thread veins and sider naevus via electrolysis.
Skin Tag Removal
Most people either have, or will develop, a form of skin tag in their life. Skin tags are harmless growths of skin that usually resemble a mole. They are benign and serve no purpose so can be easily removed with advanced electrolysis. I recommend electrolysis as the treatment as it leaves skin flawless and smooth, and with no risk of the skin tag returning.

Advanced Skin Treatments – Start at £60

Electrolysis Hair Removal

I favour short-wave diathermy (Thermolysis) and blend method for the permanent removal of hair. This form of electrolysis uses an electrical current to destroy the target hair cell tissue, which completely and permanently halts hair growth. Available for all skin and hair types, this method is proven to have outstanding results.

£1.60 per minute – minimum charge of £32

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